Roles and Responsibilities of a Member

of the Bands of The Villages (BOTV)

Welcome! It is pleasure to welcome you as a member of the BOTV. There is considerable evidence the lifetime rewards and benefits of playing music are endless. Music not only has a positive effect on the individual, but performing with a group is a known rewarding experience. Mission: The mission of the BOTV is to provide opportunities for musicians to create, perform, and provide audiences with the experience of live performances of varied and unique genres of music for winds and percussion.

Purpose: The major purpose listed in the band’s by-laws is to provide cultural benefits and musical entertainment to the community through concerts, festivals, parades, and other performances.

By-laws: Please read the band’s by-laws which are found by clicking on the top ribbon BOTV By-Laws. Within the by-laws is information about the Board who manages the business of the bands. Members of the Board are the music directors and representatives from each of the approved groups or ensembles.

How to be an Awesome Band Member!

An awesome musician is one who makes the band a high priority. This is apparent through the person’s consistent music preparation and attendance at all rehearsals and performances. BOTV membership is voluntary without expectations of remuneration for participation. Expectations include the following:

1.Reliability: This is the quality of being trustworthy and performing consistently well. A band is only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. No matter how talented a musician, the person should consistently be on time and prepared to participate with the rest of the band. 

2.Proficiency: The main work of a band member is to play the instrument that he or she is recruited to play. This is best accomplished via routine practice sessions outside the band’s schedule. Proficiency also includes striving to perform with the expression of a seasoned musician. 

3.Attendance: Performance at a concert is contingent upon a member attending at least one-half of a concert season’s rehearsals. Requirements also include attendance at the ‘dress’ rehearsal. If unable to achieve these requirements, the band member should rejoin the band at a subsequent concert season. Any exception must be coordinated with the music director.

4.Equipment Maintenance: Ensure the music instrument is in good working order and routinely maintained. If supplies are needed, be sure and have those items when attending a rehearsal or concert.

5.Care of Music: Musicians are expected to keep their music and folders in good condition. At the end of a season when the music is returned, there should be no stains, ink marks, hole punches or tears. Any notation on the music should be made with a pencil. Musicians may be asked to reimburse the band for any lost or damaged music or folders.

Thank you again for joining a BOTV band. The Board and other band members believe you will experience much pleasure from being a part of the music program. Here’s wishing you personal satisfaction and enjoyment in performing with others to produce beautiful music.

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