The sound of music makes an old heart swell. It lifts us up to some

enchanted land and gifts us with a lovely, magic spell,

As heart and mind enjoy the Concert Band.

The mind remembers old songs note by note while heart just feels

emotion leaping ’round.

And as the music lets our spirits float, from all our earthly trials we’re unbound.

Whatever we must do to carry on-to show our love and demonstrate 

a skill we’ll do until we’re stilled and music’s gone. For when we played

there was no greater thrill. No moment when we could not understand the joy of music played in Concert Band!

Written by George Delmonte in honor of the Concert Band's 15th Anniversary

                In Memoriam George Delmonte

    Announcer, singer, poet, teacher, coach, theater guru, drum corps legend, friend – consider all

of these and you haven’t even scratched the

surface of George Del Monte. George was one

who lit up a room and turned your day around,

who could make a grumpy audience a great one

and a fair concert outstanding.

    He was a dear friend of the bands, serving as announcer, stage manager and soloist for many years. His combination of knowledge, wit, fun

and sarcasm endeared George to performers and audiences alike.

    George taught English, Drama and Humanities

for 35 years. During that time he coached soccer

and was elected Coach of the Year at West Orange

High School. George was a member of the Hawthorne Caballeros for 25 years and was

inducted into the NJ Drum Corps Hall of Fame and the Buglers Hall of Fame. In addition, he was a theatrical director for 68 years, winning awards for Best Director.

    After retiring, George wrote for several newspapers as a reporter, drama critic, award-winning poet and arts columnist. And THEN he

came to The Villages! He poured himself into

directing plays, writing poetry, singing for The Villages Swing Band and announcing for all 3

Bands of the Villages. In addition, he helped form

The Villages Drama Co., encouraging retirees

to grow as actors and performers.

Above all these things, George was a great friend. 

He loved getting to know people, working

alongside and helping each of us grow along the

way. All who knew him have been changed for the better through his love and influence.

    Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carole, George’s wife of 64 years, their 3 children and their family. Thank you for sharing this remarkable man with us. 

April 10, 2022 Spring Concert

July 3, 2022 Patriotic Spectacular


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