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is comprised of Villages residents with a variety of musical backgrounds,

from professional to those who have picked up their instruments after

an extended hiatus. The band currently has 97 members and performs

concert band music from Broadway, Hollywood, marches and pop classics.

The Hometown Band performs at the Savannah Center,

throughout The Villages and beyond.

The band rehearses Tuesdays from 4-6pm at Mulberry Recreation Center

in The Villages, from mid-August through April.

Hometown Band

Tuesday 4 to 6pm, Mulberry Rec Car

Hugh Wicks 352-431-8004





Tuesday, July 3, 3pm and 7pm

Each year about 100 volunteer musicians from the Bands of the Villages (BOTV) combine their talents to produce a rousing musical celebration of our great nation. The conductors for the annual concert are shared by BOTV music directors Jean Butler, Hugh Wicks, and John Stranges. Lew Buckley joins them as guest conductor for two of his compositions.

The highlights of the concert include such tunes as “Battle Hymn of the Republic”, “Sweet Land of Liberty”, and “American Salute”.  Examples of other favorite, flag-waving classics are included in “Irving Berlin’s Songs for America” and “The Good Old USA”. And when the “Armed Forces Medley” is played, those with military careers will be invited to stand for recognition by the admiring audience.

Put on your red, white, and blue clothes and come prepared to enjoy the band’s annual concert tradition. Such patriotic music reminds us of our American identities, values, and shared bonds. It is anticipated your pride in country will continue to be invigorated as the program concludes with everyone clapping along with “The Stars and Stripes Forever”.  

A large portion of proceeds from the concert will go to the Gainesville Fisher House located on the campus of the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center. The hotel facility is where families of hospitalized veterans are able to stay free of charge and is only steps away from the medical center. The hospital is designated as one of the VA trauma centers which treats some of the most severely injured military patients in the country.

Get your tickets and come out for a celebration that musically honors our country’s Independence Day. The $25 tickets are available through the Entertainment Box Offices or via The Villages Box Office Online. The online source makes it possible for Villages residents and non-residents to order tickets anytime and anywhere!  Concert tickets can be accessed at

The Villages Concert Band

is active in the area, supporting groups and organizations with the

funds from all concerts.

Jean Butler, the conductor

of The Villages Concert

Band has built a great musical organization here

in The Villages that approaches every playing opportunity with tremendous professionalism. Interested 

in becoming a part of The Villages Concert Band?


Jean Butler at

or 352-751-3401

Attendance Policy for playing a Concert

As we continue grow

in quality of performance

and quantity of members 

it is imperative to have full attendance at rehearsals.

We all know that there are very good reasons why people are not able to attend every rehearsal

and those reasons are respected; however, the following guidelines have been established to insure the highest level of performance that we 

can possibly achieve.

Ways to Improve Practice Time





Hometown Band Rehearsal Info

Tues 4-6 Mulberry Rec Center

Hometown Band Concerts 2023-2024