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is comprised of Villages residents with a variety of musical backgrounds,

from professional to those who have picked up their instruments after

an extended hiatus. The band currently has 97 members and performs

concert band music from Broadway, Hollywood, marches and pop classics.

The Hometown Band performs at the Savannah Center,

throughout The Villages and beyond.

The band rehearses Tuesdays from 4-6pm at Mulberry Recreation Center

in The Villages, from mid-August through April.

Hometown Band

Tuesday 4 to 6pm, Mulberry Rec Car

Hugh Wicks 352-431-8004


Did you know ---


One of the best benefits of learning a musical instrument is that playing an instrument increases intelligence. Playing an instrument can boost your smarts by improving executive functions (EF) in the brain. EF are high-level cognitive abilities associated with various leadership and academic skills — high levels of EF allow a person to process and retain information more quickly, regulate reckless behavior and make better decisions. EF skills also correlate with better strategizing, planning, and problem-solving.

People with high EF ability can respond better to changing situations and address new tasks more effectively. They often pay close attention to details and can balance both the mental and emotional aspects of a problem or situation.   (From Record Head, a Milwaukee music store)

A professor from Michigan State says, “We are just beginning to understand the positive effects of making music on our bodies and our physical health.”

The Villages Concert Band

is active in the area, supporting groups and organizations with the

funds from all concerts.

Jean Butler, the conductor

of The Villages Concert

Band has built a great musical organization here

in The Villages that approaches every playing opportunity with tremendous professionalism. Interested

in becoming a part of The Villages Concert Band?


Jean Butler at

or 352-751-3401

Attendance Policy for playing a Concert

As we continue grow

in quality of performance

and quantity of members

it is imperative to have full attendance at rehearsals.

We all know that there are very good reasons why people are not able to attend every rehearsal

and those reasons are respected; however, the following guidelines have been established to insure the highest level of performance that we

can possibly achieve.

Ways to Improve Practice Time





Hometown Band Rehearsal Info

Rehearsal Aug 22 - Oct 31 , 4-6pm, Mulberry Rec Center

No rehearsal Nov 7

No rehearsal Nov 21

Rehearsal Dec 5, 4-5

(Concert Band performance)

No rehearsal Dec 12-26

Winter rehearsal resume Jan 2, 2024

4-6 Mulberry Rec Center

Hometown Band Concerts 2023-2024

Dress rehearsal Sunday Nov 5, 4-6pm

at Savannah Center

Fall Concert Monday, Nov 6, 7pm, Report time TBA (usually around 5pm)

Winter Concert Dress rehearsal Tuesday March 5 at Savannah , 4-6pm

Winter Concert Wednesday, March 6, 7pm at Savannah

Spring Concert - TBA