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was founded in April 2002 and offers its members a wide variety

of Instrumental music to perform for all Villagers to enjoy.

All members are residents of The Villages with varied backgrounds

with one commonality - instrumental music making in their retirement years.

The Villages Concert Band is a member of New Horizons International,

the Association of Concert Bands and The Bands of the Villages

and supports Senior Citizens’ involvement in Instrumental Music programs.

Concert Band

Tuesday, 7 to 9pm, Mulberry Grove

Jean Butler 352-751-3401


June 2021

After more than a year of not meeting, approximately 100 members from Bands of the Villages

(BOTV) experienced an “in-person” rehearsal! This past Tuesday the Mulberry recreation center

buzzed with excitement and music as delighted bandsmen came together to rehearse patriotic

music in anticipation of the 4th of July holiday.

Three BOTV directors, Hugh Wicks (Hometown Band), Jean Butler (Concert Band),

and Ward Greene (New Horizons) took turns directing the enthusiastic band! Musicians were

all volunteers from the three bands. Although many had participated throughout the pandemic

in Zoom rehearsals, it was a thrill for them to see each other in person. It was an even greater

thrill for the opportunity to participate in playing live music in a large group setting.

It worked out well for the bands to join forces because summer travels took its toll on fully

staffing each of the bands. Also, musicians enjoyed performing with colleagues from other

bands and from the excellent experience of being “under the baton” of several band conductors.

Although the bands will devote time each week to prepare, the grand public Patriotic Concert 

will not take place. The concert finale of the summer season will be shared among the bandsmen.

This is attributed to still being issues brought about by the pandemic. However, it is anticipated

in the Fall that the schedules of the three bands will return to their usual rehearsals and

performances. It will be a pleasure at that time to recommend guests

 “Make plans to attend the BOTV concerts”!

The Villages Concert Band

is active in the area, supporting groups and organizations with the funds from all concerts.

Jean Butler, the conductor of The Villages Concert Band has built a great musical organization here in The Villages

that approaches every playing opportunity with tremendous professionalism.  Interested in becoming a part of The Villages Concert Band?


Jean Butler at

or 352-751-3401

Travel Tips with Music Instruments

Insure your instrument.

Measure the size and weight, including the case.

Study airline carry-on and checked baggage musical instrument policies before selecting an airline.

While booking your reservation, tell the agent you will be traveling with a musical instrument. Ask to speak to customer service to address questions.

Request/purchase priority boarding in advance, and keep copies of receipts.

Carry a copy of the DOT rule as outlined in the Federal Register or the DOT website, as well as a copy of the airline’s policies.

Limit carry-on items to one musical instrument, plus a personal item.

There’s a possibility that your instrument will not be allowed in the cabin with you, be sure to have a proper travel case to avoid damage if the instrument must be stowed.

Remove all extraneous items from your instrument’s case and carefully secure the instrument inside the case. Place identification on inside and outside the case.

Have an alternative, back-up transportation plan in mind.

Do not argue with ight crews! Calmly ask to speak with a customer service supervisor.

Examine your instrument for possible damage before you leave the airport.

Report any violation of airline policy or damage to the airline customer service before you leave the airport.

If you believe the airline has violated its written policies, file a complaint with the airline. Also file a direct complaint with the Department of Transportation.

Ways to Improve Practice Time


The Villages Concert Band Calendar

DATES                                      DAY/TIME.            LOCATION                                COMMENTS

Patriotic Concert                    Tues, 4-6pm          Mulberry Rec Center               In Person Rehearsals

Rehearsal, June 1-July 3                                      8445 SE 165th Mulberry Ln     Do Not Arrive Before

                                                                                The Villages, FL, 32162            3:30pm.  Bring ID Card

                                                                                                                                   No Public Concert

Fall Concert                             Tues, 7-9pm         Mulberry Rec Center               Do Not Arrive Before

Rehearsal, Aug 17-Oct 12                                    8445 SE 165th Mulberry Ln     6:30pm 

                                                                                The Villages, FL, 32162

Fall Concert.                            Tues, 7-9pm         Savannah Center.                    Concert Attire:

Dress Rehearsal, Oct 19                                      9545 Buena Vista Blvd.            Black Shirts/Pants/

                                                                               The Villages, FL, 32162            Shoes/Gold Tie or


Fall Concert, Oct 20.               Wed, 7-8pm

Christmas Concert

Rehearsal, Oct 26-Nov 30.     Tues 7-9pm          Mulberry Rec Center               In Person Rehearsals

                                                                                8445 SE 165th Mulberry Ln     Do Not Arrive Before

                                                                                The Villages, FL, 32162            6:30pm 

Christmas Concert                 Tues, 7-9pm          Savannah Center                     Concert Attire:

Dress Rehearsal, Dec 6                                        9545 Buena Vista Blvd             Black Shirts/Pants/

                                                                                The Villages, FL, 32162            Shoes/Christmas Tie

                                                                                                                                   or Scarves 

Christmas Concert, Dec 7      Wed, 7-9pm

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