Bands Of The Villages Contact Information

Instrumental Ensembles

    Clarinet Connexion    Thursday            7:30 to 8:45am          Mulberry Grove

                                         Ward Green                                          352-348-3398


    Horns Aplenty             Wednesday        9 to 11am                 Odelle Rec. Center

                                         Lesann VanSyckle                               352-731-7447


    Saxsations                  Thursday            11:45 to 12:30pm     Mulberry Grove

                                         Ward Green                                          352-348-3398


   Flute Fanatics             Monday              4 to 6pm                   Coconut Cove

                                        Linda Quinn                                        908-304-2357


    Trumpet Ensemble     Monday              4 to 6pm                   Coconut Cove

                                         Dave Czahara                                      352-751-0632


Concert Bands

    New Horizons Band   Thursday            9 to 11am                  Mulberry Grove

                                         Ward Green                                          352-348-3398


    Hometown Band        Thursday            4 to 6pm                    Mulberry Grove

                                         Hugh Wicks                                          352-431-8004


    Concert Band             Tuesday              7 to 9pm                    Mulberry Grove

                                         Jean Butler                                           352-751-3401


    Symphonic Winds      Tuesday              7 to 9pm                    Mulberry Grove

                                         Jill VanSyckle                                       352-731-7447


Jazz /Other Bands

    Swing Band                Tuesday              2:30 to 4:30pm          Mulberry Grove

                                         Jean Butler                                           352-751-3401


    Jazz Workshop           Wednesday        8:30 tp 10:30am        Mulberry Grove

                                         Tom Buczinski                                     574-340-3002


    Sunshine Strollers      Rehersals As Needed                         Mulberry Grove

                                         Ward Green                                          352-348-3398


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