is a fun-time Instrumental organization known for its colorful attire and clownish antics.

The band plays a variety of music with lots of “sing along” selections which are popular

and guaranteed to get audiences on their feet. Typical venues include performances

for community events, club meetings, birthdays, and similar festive occasions. 

The Strollers are often seen performing for special events on the town squares,

club meetings through out The Villages, and events outside The Villages. Audiences never

know what to expect when the group shows up wearing wacky outfits and setting up music

stands to get ready to play their happy tunes. A major goal of the band is to entertain

audiences through the involvement of singing and even dancing with the music.

Membership is opened to residents of The Villages with prior instrumental musical experience. 


Rehearsals are on Mondays at 4:00 p.m. prior to scheduled performances.

Location of the rehearsals are at recreation centers to be announced.

The number of performances are dependent upon bookings.

It is not unusual to play 3-4 times a month-while having fun at the same time.


For further information and/or booking a performance, please contact Ward Green.

He is available to discuss schedules, booking costs, and other special needs and requests.

Sunshine Strollers

Rehearsals As Needed, Mulberry Grove

Ward Green 352-348-3398


After more than a year of not meeting because of the pandemic,

approximately 100 members from the Bands of The Villages (BOTV) came

together early in June to begin “in-person” rehearsals. The reason was to

prepare for the annual 4th of July Patriotic Concert! The Mulberry Recreation

Center buzzed with excitement as the delighted musicians finally were

meeting and playing music again.  

The three BOTV directors: Jean Butler (Concert Band), Ward Green (New

Horizons), and Hugh Wicks (Hometown Band) took turns directing

the enthusiastic group!  Musicians were volunteers from the three bands.

Although many had participated throughout the “lock down” in Zoom 

rehearsals, it was a thrill for them to join colleagues to play music together.

It was an even greater thrill to learn in a few weeks they would play a live

concert for an audience!

The evening of the concert, the band was proudly wearing red, white,

and blue clothing. They were locked, loaded, and ready to play tunes such

as “Broad Stripes and Bright Stars”, “An American Spectacular”, and

American Folks Rhapsody”. The restricted audience of about 80-90 family

and friends outdid themselves by clapping and cheering for the flag-waving


The band’s season concluded with the concert because of the summer break.

In the Fall good news is anticipated when the three bands return to their

usual rehearsals and performances. Check the BOTV websites for

information about performances. It will be a pleasure to once again

recommend attendance at the BOTV concerts—for sure, the bands will be

ready to entertain you!

Ways to Improve Practice Time




The Villages Concert Band

is active in the area, supporting groups and organizations with the funds from all concerts.

Jean Butler, the conductor of The Villages Concert Band has built a great musical organization here in The Villages that approaches every playing opportunity with tremendous professionalism.  Interested in becoming a part of The Villages Concert Band?


Jean Butler at

or 352-751-3401

Attendance Policy for playing a Concert

Attendances at

rehearsals are expectations for

a bandsman to play

in the concerts.

There could be cogent reasons that prohibit attendance at every rehearsal.

However, the band’s

policy to play in a concert include attendance of the

last four rehearsals 

plus the dress


If there are unusual

circumstances that

preclude meeting

the attendance requirements,

a member may

contact the Director

in an effort to obtain

an exemption.

Section leaders are

to be informed about

any granted

exemptions of

the policy.

The Villages Sunshine Strollers Calendar




Rehearsal for 

Heritage Festival

Sept 27

Heritage Festival Performance

Oct 1


Rehearsal for Florida Club

Oct 25

Florida Club Performance

Oct 27


Rehearsal for PA Club

Nov 22

Pennsylvania Club

Nov 23




3:30 -5:30pm


Call 5pm

Play 5:30pm





6:45 pm







Coconut Cove Rec Ctr

1398 Stillwater Trail, The Villages, FL 32162

Spanish Springs

1120 Main Street 

The Villages, FL


Coconut Cove Rec Ctr

1398 Stillwater Trail, The Villages, FL 32162

Hibiscus Rec Center

1740 Bailey Trail

The Villages, FL


Coconut Cove Rec Ctr

1398 Stillwater Trail, The Villages, FL 32162

La Hacienda Rec Ctr

1200 Avenida Central, Lady Lake, FL 32162



Bring stand &  music

Wear Wacky Heritage Costume (German,

Spanish, Scottish, etc)


Bring stand & music

Wear Wacky 

Costume (Florida)


Bring stand/music

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