is comprised of Villages residents with a variety of musical backgrounds,

from professional to those who have picked up their instruments after

an extended hiatus. The band currently has 97 members and performs

concert band music from Broadway, Hollywood, marches and pop classics.

The Hometown Band performs at the Savannah Center,

throughout The Villages and beyond.

The band rehearses Tuesdays from 4-6pm at Mulberry Recreation

Center in The Villages, from mid-August through April.

Hometown Band

Tuesday, 4 to 6pm, Mulberry Grove

Hugh Wicks 352-431-8004


August 2022 marks the 9th anniversary of the start of The Hometown Band. 

Prior to then many of the musicians who formed the Hometown Band had

played in the New Horizons Band. For the past two years practice and

participation in band activities has been  difficult!

However, we are thrilled we have the opportunity to make this 9th year

exciting! Our first practice time is August 23rd  4-6pm at the Mulberry Grove

Rec Ctr. The band’s librarian, Ginger Jacobs, expects to have the music sorted

and ready for you prior to the first practice. You will be sent an email with

updated information. Mark your calendars for our first concert on

November 2nd at Savannah Center!

Many band members do not have a picture on the HTB’s website, and we

want to make sure everyone is listed! Check out the website to see if you are

included or maybe need a fresh up!

See Breeta Littlefield, band secretary, prior to band until the end

of September to have a retake or your first picture taken.  

Ways to Improve Practice Time




August Birthdays

5 Karin Williams

7 Judy Schechter

8 Diane Merrow

9 Sheila Phillips

14 Dru Movizzo

18 Joyce Burner

18 Greg Hubert

19 John Bird

19 Peter Ciraolo

19 Judy Koman

19 Mitch Melman

24 Donald Roeder

29 David Fuller

29 Susan Oliver

Attendance Policy for playing a Concert

As we continue grow

in quality of 

performance and quantity of members

it is imperative to

have full attendance

at rehearsals. We all know that there are 

very good reasons

why people are not

able to attend every rehearsal and those reasons are respected; however, the following guidelines have been established to insure

the highest level of performance that we 

can possibly achieve.

It is expected you 

attend at least 1/2 of 

our rehearsals as well

as the dress rehearsal

in order to be able to perform at any 

Concert. If for some reason you are unable

to achieve this, you 

will still retain your membership in the 

Band, but will not perform at that particular Concert.

You know how much practice you need in order to play the 

music well, but keep 

in mind that the full group needs YOU! 

To achieve the proper blend and balance of 

the ensemble, it is necessary that you are at each rehearsal to contribute your part 

so the Director can make the necessary adjustments. 

If there are special circumstances in not being able to meet the above requirements please contact the Director and you will 

be notified of any exemption which 

might be granted.

I hope you understand and support the 

policies mentioned above while we 

continue to improve musically.



Rehearsals Resume

Aug 23, 2022



Nov 1

Dress Rehearsal


Nov 2



Tues, 4pm



Wed, 7-8pm


Mulberry Rec Ctr

8445 SE 165th Mulberry

The Villages, FL 32162

Savannah Center

1545 Buena Vista Blvd

The Villages, 32162

Concert Attire: Black




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